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As a cat owner myself I know how fussy our little darlings can be. We have therefore a range of both dry and wet foods in a wide variety of flavours to tempt the Boss - sorry cat.
We have foods suitable for kittens, adults and seniors and will be happy to order in breed specific foods to ensure your cat is getting all the nutrients it needs to remain happy and healthy.
When our feline friends need a treat make sure you chose the best whether your cat likes the crunch of dentabits which sneakily helps to keep their teeth plaque free or a treat that contains an anti hairball ingredient to ensure a happy tum. The ever popular Catnip is available in leaf, powder and best of all in milk or chocolate drops and will surely have any cat dribbling with delight.
The Webbox Stix are good if you have to give your cat tablets (I know from experience) as they can be moulded round the tablet and helps to ensure the pill goes down.